Westmont Hilltop School Summary

Published on April 3, 2023

The mission of the Westmont Hilltop School District is to inspire and empower resilient, lifelong learners. Westmont Hilltop recognizes the importance of continuous learning, as learning never ends but only evolves as we age. And, of course, resilience is essential to everyone, as life will always have curve balls to throw, and the receiver must always have the power to take the blow and keep on going. Westmont Hilltop prepares students to become ethical, informed, and responsible adults in our constantly changing society. Westmont Hilltop sets high expectations for students with their rigorous academic program in a safe, nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and learning from mistakes. Westmont Hilltop prides itself on providing a world-class education while shaping students’ emotional and mental development. Not only does Westmont offer a high-quality education, but they also stay updated with society’s changes. Besides the fact that Westmont offers students an opportunity to participate in esports, Westmont also offers courses on the history of esports, which is quite revolutionary at the high school level. The real question is: Will Westmont Hilltop’s esports-educated students possess the particular type of knowledge to boost their esports competitions? Find out by tuning into the Esport Company’s Twitch streams!!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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