March 22 Daily Recap: Overwatch

Wednesday, March 22 Daily Recap: Overwatch

Published on March 24, 2023

Welcome to our Wednesday recap! Let’s hop right into our exciting Overwatch matches of the day. Our map pool this week is Oasis, Shambali Monastery, and New Queen Street.

Division One

Our first Overwatch match of the week was on Wednesday, March 22 at 3:20 pm between Hollidaysburg and Richland. Hollidaysburg won both maps, Oasis and Shambali Monastery, taking the win 2-0. Great job, Hollidaysburg!

The next match between Bishop Guilfoyle and West Branch was rescheduled. During this time, we watched division two teams West Branch and Richland battle for victory, which is described below in the division two section.

Next up, we saw Ferndale versus Greater Johnstown at 5:00 pm. Similar to Hollidaysburg, Greater Johnstown was not ready to lose, and ended up sweeping Ferndale with a clean 2-0 score. Amazing teamwork, Greater Johnstown!

Our last division one Overwatch match for the day was at 5:45 pm between Shade and Everett. This match was actually much closer than the previous two matches, as Everett won the first map but Shade managed to make a great comeback and win the second map. The teams took their brawl to map three, New Queen Street. Each team fought hard for the victory, with Everett managing to just come out on top, winning with a 2-1 score. Way to keep pushing, Everett!

Division Two

First division two match of the day! At 3:30 pm on Wednesday 22, Shade and Greater Johnstown battled for the victory in their matches. Greater Johnstown beat Shade on the first and second map, winning with a 2-0 score. Flawless games, Greater Johnstown!

Following right after that match, we watched Gateway versus Ferndale at 4:15 pm. Gateway won both maps, beating Ferndale with a 2-0 score. Perfect match, Gateway!

Our third division two match was between Forest Hills and Salisbury-Elk Lick at 5:00 pm. Forest Hills won two games in a row, finishing the match against Salisbury-Elk Lick with a clean 2-0 score. Fabulous games, Forest Hills!

Our last division two match was actually at 4:15 pm on Wednesday 22 between West Branch and Richland, which was streamed on our division one stream on Twitch @TheEsportCompany. Richland tried hard, but West Branch showed no mercy in taking the victory 2-0 against Richland. Fiery moves, West Branch!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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