Richland High School Summary

Published on March 26, 2023

The mission of the Richland School District is to empower students to pursue excellence every day. Richland understands that learning is a lifelong process, as life is filled with the continuous accumulation of knowledge and experiences. Because of this, Richland School District is committed to teaching students the art and beauty of learning itself, not just to fill their minds with knowledge but also to inspire them and spark endless curiosity and inquisition. With education comes the core values of respect and mutual understanding, critical values in a world of cooperation. Richland High School itself consists of roughly 750 students and has a variety of clubs, such as Ski Club, Key Club, and Mock Trial. These clubs offer unique experiences to students, allowing them to connect with their peers to grow emotionally and socially. These experiences further foster innovation and creativity, traits essential to learning. Furthermore, Richland High School collaborates with parents and the community about what is best for each student. Richland firmly believes that every single student is important and that the communities investing in education will prosper. Education comes in many shapes and sizes, one of which includes esports. Esports teach students the importance of critical thinking, teamwork, and communication while heightening their cognitive skills and decision-making abilities. This is why Richland High School’s division one and two esports teams will compete with the Esport Company this season, ready to bring on the action and take home the victory!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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