March 21 Daily Recap: Rocket League

March 21 Daily Recap: Rocket League

Published on March 23, 2023

Tuesday! What a great day for some Rocket League matches. Let’s hop right into our Tuesday, March 21, Rocket League matches.

Division One

We kickstarted Tuesday with an exciting match between Carmichaels and California at 3:30 pm. Carmichaels put on a good show, but California was not in the mood for losing, and wiped out Carmichaels with a clean 3-0 score. Way to go, California!

Our next division two match was at 4:15 pm between Penn Trafford and Greater Altoona CTC. Penn Trafford was clearly in no mood for games this week as they beat Greater Altoona CTC with a perfect 3-0 score. Amazing performance, Penn Trafford!

The third match between Westmont Hilltop and Forest Hills was rescheduled.

Our fourth and final division one Rocket League match for the day was at 5:45 pm between Richland and Shade. Following the lead of the previous two victors, California and Penn Trafford, Shade ended up taking the win against Richland with another stellar 3-0 score. Awesome teamwork, Shade!

Division Two

Our first two matches between Uniontown and Greater Altoona CTC and Uniontown and California were rescheduled.

We started off Tuesday, March 21 with a great match between Gateway and Penn Trafford at 3:30 pm. Gateway’s teamwork and skills really shined during this match, helping them in obtaining a 3-0 victory against Penn Trafford. Go get ’em, Gateway!

The next match was at 4:15 pm between Gateway and Shade. Gateway was in no mood to stop their win streak, as they once again took the victory, beating Shade 3-0. Stellar moves, Gateway!

Our final match of the night was Richland versus Forest Hills at 5:00 pm. Richland gave a great effort in this match, but Forest Hills was determined to win, and did exactly that. Forest Hills beat Richland with a perfect 3-0 score. Furious finish, Forest Hills!

Hope you all enjoyed our daily Rocket League recap! Great job all our Rocket League teams and players!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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