March 20 Daily Recap: Valorant

March 20 Daily Recap: Valorant

Published on March 23, 2023

What an exciting day of Valorant matches! Let’s jump right into the daily recap for our Monday, March 20th Valorant matches this week.

Division One

We started off the day, Monday, March 20th, with a lightning match between Penn Trafford and Hollidaysburg at 3:30 pm. Penn Trafford managed to win 5 rounds, but Hollidaysburg ended up taking the win with a 13-5 score. Fantastic job, Hollidaysburg!

Our next match of the day was at 4:30 pm between Forest Hills and Windber. This was an incredibly close match, neither team going down without a fight. Stellar credit to both teams for their remarkable efforts and performance, with Windber ultimately taking the win with a 13-11 score. Great job, Windber!

At 5:30 pm we had our last division one Valorant match for the day, which was Greater Altoona CTC versus Somerset. Though Somerset gave a great effort, they were no match for the GACTC Goats, as the GACTC Goats powered through the matches with a 13-0 score. Phenomenal work, GACTC Goats!

Division Two

Time for our division two Valorant matches of the day! We started off with Shade versus Greater Altoona CTC at 3:30 pm. This was another very close game, as both teams tried their very best to bring home the victory. The match ended with a 13-11 score, Shade in the lead. The GACTC Goats tried hard, but Shade was simply too determined and focused this week, proudly taking the win. Wonderful work, Shade!

Following right after the first match, we watched Richland go head to head against Westmont Hilltop, each battling for the victory. Westmont Hilltop fought hard and ended up winning with a 13-0 score. Perfect matches, Westmont Hilltop!

What a great week! Fantastic job all Valorant teams and players! Hope you all enjoyed our daily recap, see you next time!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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