Greater Altoona CTC School Summary

Published on March 21, 2023

Greater Altoona CTC (GACTC) instills in students a great work ethic and continuous improvement through many forms of encouragement and positive reinforcement. GACTC also promotes a sense of community and public service in students by providing community service opportunities and experiences. Most importantly, GACTC prides itself on its strong industry and business ties and partnerships, utilizing them to prepare students for stellar careers in Central Pennsylvania’s workforce. These partnerships also generate support for student programs as industrial and business partners donate financial and material resources, such as equipment, to help GACTC’s programs thrive. GACTC provides hands-on training, valuable industry certifications, and connections in more than 25 different industries. Furthermore, GACTC also prepares students for possible career choices in the esports industry. It has division 1 and 2 teams for two of the most popular esports games: Valorant and Rocket League. Check out their gameplay against other schools on the Esport Company’s Twitch channel!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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