March 15 Daily Recap: Overwatch

March 15 Daily Recap: Overwatch

Published on March 16, 2023

Here’s the daily recap for our Wednesday, March 15 Overwatch matches. Let’s start with division one.

Division One

We started off the day on Wednesday, March 15, at 3:30 pm with a match of Somerset against Windber. Somerset put up a good fight, but Windber ultimately took the win with a 2-0 score. Remember, the Overwatch victors are determined based on the best of three games. Great work, Windber!

Following that game, we watched Forest Hills versus Greater Johnstown at 4:15 pm. Teams seem to be eager to deliver clean sweeps this week, as Greater Johnstown followed the lead of Windber in beating Forest Hills with a sweeping score of 2-0. Keep it up, Greater Johnstown!

The third division one game of the day was Ferndale versus Bishop Guilfoyle at 5:00 pm. Ferndale did an amazing job this week, winning two maps in a row and clearly taking the victory with a 2-0 score against Bishop Guilfoyle. Amazing job, Ferndale Swarm!

The fourth and final division one match of the day was at 5:45 pm between Hollidaysburg and Everett. Hollidaysburg did not disappoint with their crazy skills, ult combos, and teamwork, beating Everett 2-0. Fantastic work, Hollidaysburg!!

Division Two

Let’s hop right into our March 15 daily recap for our Overwatch division two matches!

For the first match at 3:30 pm, we watched Shade fight Moshannon Valley for another win to add to their ranking score. Shade tried hard, but Moshannon Valley tried even harder, and Moshannon Valley ended up taking the win 2-0. Wonderful gameplay, Moshannon Valley!

The second match was between Ferndale and West Branch at 4:15 pm. Ferndale gave a great effort, but ended up falling to the power of West Branch as West Branch took the victory with a strong 2-0 score. Unbelievable skills, West Branch!

At 5:00 pm we watched Salisbury-Elk Lick face off against Greater Johnstown, each determined to win. Greater Johnstown won the first map, and though there was a glimmer of hope for Salisbury-Elk Lick during the second match, Greater Johnstown shut out that hope by winning the second match as well. Powerful moves, Greater Johnstown!!

Our last division two match of the night was Richland versus Forest Hills at 5:45 pm. Richland displayed some great teamwork, but it was ultimately not enough against the skills and determination of Forest Hills. Similar to all the previous matches, Forest Hills won both maps, winning this match with a 2-0 score. Rocking score, Forest Hills!

Hope you guys enjoyed this week and had fun!! Definitely check out our Twitch streams at TECHighSchoolGroup and TheEsportCompany if you want to rewatch these incredible matches! See you next time!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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