Weekly Recap 3/6

Weekly Matches Recap for the Week of March 6th, 2023

Published on March 12, 2023

Another fantastic week of matches! Here is the recap for our matches during the week of March 6, 2023. 

Overwatch: Division One

Let’s begin with our Overwatch division one games. We started the week with Windber vs. Ferndale on Wednesday, March 8th at 3:30 pm. Windber put up a great fight, beating Ferndale with a clean score of 2-0. The map pool for this week included Busan, Havana, and Colosseo. Windber and Ferndale fought on Busan and Havana, with Windber winning both maps and thus not going on to the third map. We saw some great plays by Andjas from Windber, who undoubtedly helped his team to victory. This game left Windber with a season score of 2-0, as they won their match during the first week as well. Windber ended the second week tied for first place in the rankings with West Branch.

Our next match was Somerset vs. West Branch on Wednesday, March 8th at 4:15 pm. Somerset put up a great fight, but ultimately was no match for the mighty team of West Branch. West Branch took the victory 2-0, winning the first map on Busan and the second map at Havana. West Branch displayed excellent coordination and teamwork during their matches, with player DPSDiff pulling off some great plays as Genji. This win left West Branch tied in the overall rankings for first place with Windber High School. West Branch has a strong streak of two wins and zero losses so far, as we are excited to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Our last Overwatch division one match for the week was Everett vs. Greater Johnstown. This match was on Wednesday, March 8th at 5:45 pm. Instead of a clean sweep like the previous two matches, this match was actually quite a close game between Everett and Greater Johnstown. Everett won the first map at Busan, starting off the matches strong. However, Greater Johnstown bounced right back during map two at Havana, taking the win against Everett. Neck and neck, the two teams entered into the third and final match at Colosseo, where Greater Johnstown ultimately emerged victorious. Boy, what a game!! Each team gave such a great effort and amazing plays and ult combinations were present on both sides. We saw some great plays by Outfoxxed and Zelds from Everett, as well as from Trojan1 and Rivergalaxy from Greater Johnstown. This was Greater Johnstown’s first match and first win of the season, which leaves them with a 1-0 seasonal score so far and an overall school ranking of third place. Good job everyone!

Overwatch: Division Two

Time to move on to our Overwatch division two games for the week!

We started off the week with Richland vs. Shade on Wednesday, March 8th, at 3:30 pm. Though Richland tried their hardest, they were simply no match for Shade, who took the victory with a clean, no-nonsense, 2-0. Similar to our division one matches for the week, the map pool being played included Busan, Havana, and Colosseo, if the teams made it to a third game. During this match we saw some epic plays by Userperalpha from Shade on Diva, getting some great ult kills. This match added to Shade’s strong win streak for the season so far, placing them in first place in the school rankings with two wins and zero losses so far.

Next up was an exciting showdown of Ferndale vs. Salsbury-Elk Lick on Wednesday, March 8th, at 4:15 pm. Ferndale’s division two team was quick to make up for their division one team’s loss by claiming a strong and speedy victory against Salisbury-Elk Lick. The Elks put on a great show and fought their hardest against Ferndale, but alas, Ferndale took the victory 2-0, without even getting to the third map. Void from Ferndale was really putting in the work on Cassidy, making his team proud. This was a great comeback game for Ferndale considering their loss last week, which evened out their overall team ranking to 4th place with one loss and one win. This was the Elks first loss of the season, which leaves them in 6th place for the season so far.

Our third Overwatch division two match of the week was also on Wednesday, March 8th, at 5:00 pm between Forest Hills and Moshannon Valley. This match really had us on the edges of our seats as it was such a close and exciting game. Forest Hills took the first map on Busan as a seemingly unstoppable and unwavering force. However, to our surprise, Moshannon Valley immediately hit Forest Hills right back in the second match on Havana, beating them. The third map on Colosseo was such a good fight, with both teams putting everything on the line for the victory. After a breathtaking exchange of fighting, Forest Hills took the win, yet again. Forest Hills is now tied for first place in the school rankings, with a score of 2-0. Regardless, you must admit, Moshannon Valley did a really great job against the top team in the league right now, almost beating them. Unfortunately, this was Moshannon Valley’s second loss of the season, leaving them ranked at seventh place. No worries, though, as we are beyond confident that Moshannon Valley will make their comeback in the upcoming weeks.

Let’s round out this week’s of Overwatch division two matches! Our fourth and final game of the week was Gateway vs. West Branch on Wednesday, March 8th, at 5:45 pm. This was another close match that went onto map three. West Branch took the first map at Busan, with some great gameplay by Endersword on Orisa. Gateway then got its head right back in the game by crushing West Branch on the second map in Havana. The third map in Colosseo seemed to really pit the teams at each other’s necks, each so close to victory in an unpredictable game. In the end, the superior teamwork and abilities of Gateway assisted them in winning the third map and taking the overall win, 2-1. This was Gateway’s second win of the season, with zero losses, leaving them ranked at second place in the rankings. Fantastic matches this week, division two!

Valorant: Division One

Who’s ready for our Valorant recap for the week of March 6th? Well, ready or not, here it is!!

We kickstarted this week on Monday, March 6th, with a match consisting of Greater Altoona CTC vs. Westmont Hilltop at 3:30 pm. Greater Altoona CTC came out on top this time, as we saw some unbelievable skills from Claw on the Greater Altoona CTC team, who got a whooping total of 17 eliminations and 6 assists. We’d also like to give a shoutout to GRandolph from Westmont Hilltop, who ended the match with 17 eliminations as well and 4 assists. Even though Westmont Hilltop did not win this time around, those are still some pretty impressive stats! This is the second win for the GACTC Goats this season, rendering them a first place ranking so for with a 2-0 score. Keep it up Goats!

Right after that match, we had Somerset vs. Hollidaysburg, also on Monday, March 6th, at 4:30 pm. Despite some great effort on Somerset’s part, they ultimately lost to Hollidaysburg. Hollidaysburg proudly took the win, their first win of the season. After this match, Hollidaysburg remains tied for second place in the rankings with Greater Johnstown with a 1-0 season score. This was also Somerset’s first loss of the season, which leaves them ranked at sixth place, though with plenty of room and time to improve their standing.

We wrapped up our Valorant division one matches of the week with a stellar match between Bishop Guilfoyle and Forest Hills on Monday, March 6th, at 5:30 pm. Both teams gave a great effort, with Forest Hills managing to claim the final victory. We saw some great plays by Eclipz from Bishop Guilfoyle, who ended the match with a total of 8 eliminations and 3 assists. We also saw some unmatchable skill from Zeda on the Forest Hills team, who ended the match with a stunning 34 eliminations! What a number! Props to Zeda for making Forest Hills’s victory possible. This was Forest Hill’s first win of the season, which leaves them at a 3rd place ranking with a score of 1-0. All around, a great round of applause to all of our Valorant division one players for a great performance this week.

Valorant: Division Two

Time for our Valorant division two recap for the week of March 6th!

We had our first division two match on Monday, March 6th, at 3:30 pm. This first match was Shade vs. Gateway. Despite a good show by Gateway, Shade was hungry for the win, and devoured Gateway. PapaSpotts from Shade was even more hungry for victory as he pulled off some insane moves with some cray stats that definitely helped in getting his team the victory. This was Shade’s first win of the season, with no losses. Gateway is currently in 6th place on the rankings, with zero wins and two losses.

Our next game took place on Monday March 6th, as well, right after the first game, at 4:30 pm. We got to see Shade in action again as this game was Shade vs. Richland. Shade, once again, showed no mercy in fighting for their champion’s title. Richland tried hard, but it simply was not enough. We saw another amazing performance from PapaSpotts, who ended the game with stellar statistics of 28 eliminations and 5 assists. Signify4k from Richland also had some great plays, ending the game with 8 eliminations and 2 assists. This game left Shade with another victory, their seasonal score being 2-0 so far. This also places Shade at 1st place on the school rankings.

Our last Valorant division two match of the week was Greater Altoona CTC vs. Westmont Hilltop on Monday, March 6th, at 5:30 pm. Greater Altoona CTC has been quite a powerhouse so far this season, and they once again defended their esports title by beating Westmont Hilltop this match. With this second victory, Greater Altoona is now ranked 2nd place in the overall rankings, with a strong score of 2-0. Fantastic job this week, division two players!

Rocket League: Division One

Time for our week of March 6th Rocket League Recap! Let’s start with division one.

We started our Rocket League games for the week on March 7th, with our first game on Tuesday, March 7th at 3:30 pm. This match was Shade vs. Carmichaels, and we saw a very close game between these two. Shade ultimately won, with a score of 3-2, though we saw great spunk and effort from Carmichaels in this incredibly close match. We saw some great plays from Iceecooks from Shade, who ended the match with a score of 472. Mikes-s from Carmichaels also did a fantastic job this match, with an overall score of 557.66. This match was definitely a great start to the week!

Our next match was on Tuesday, March 7th at 4:15 pm between California and Uniontown. California came off very strong this week, beating Uniontown with a clean 3-0 score. This was California’s second win of the season, leading to their first place overall ranking with a 2-0 streak. This match we saw a great performance by Exauvo from California, who ended the match with a remarkable score of 733 and 4 goals. XD Rudybarbo also put on a good show with an overall score of 331.33.

The third match of the week was on Tuesday, March 7th, at 5:00 pm between Forest Hills and Windber. Similar to California, Forest Hills was eager to claim its second victory of the season this week, and they did just that. Forest Hills ended up beating Windber with a score of 3-0. Pigb from Forest Hills did an outstanding job this match, scoring a total of 1382.66 points and 7.66 goals. We also saw some great effort from Windber, with a honorable mention to Wahs Random for his great score of 486.66 and 7.66 goals.

Time for the last match of the week! The fourth and final match this week was on Tuesday, March 7th, at 5:45 pm, Gateway vs. Bishop Guilfoyle. It was evident that Gateway was yearning for their first win of the season, as they put all their effort into beating Bishop Guilfoyle with an outstanding 3-0 score. 7Joeler from Gateway contributed greatly to his team’s victory with his total score of 549 points and 2 goals. We also saw great effort from Bishop Guilfoyle’s players, especially Kadeth, who ended the match with a rocking score of 425.33 and 1.33 goals. Gateway is currently ranked 2nd this season, with a 1-0 score. Bishop Guilfoyle is currently ranked 8th this season, with a 0-2 score, but that’s alright because we still have the whole season ahead! Good job division two!! Another great week!!

Rocket League: Division Two

Let’s move onto our last recap section for the week of March 6th, Rocket League division two!

Starting off our division two Rocket League recap, we first had Laurel Highlands vs. Shade on Tuesday, March 7th, at 3:30 pm. Laurel Highland Esports came out very strong and on top, beating Shade with an incredible 3-0 score. We saw a great performance by Yo_Sita from Laurel Highlands, who ended the match with a score of 684 and 3.5 goals. Dead_Bird69 from Shade also played very well, ending with a score of 140.66 points. This was Laurel Highland’s second win of the season, which is why they are currently ranked first place in the league with a clean 2-0 score.

The next match, Uniontown versus Westmont Hilltop was rescheduled for March 14th.

Following the first match, next we had Penn Trafford vs. Forest Hills on Tuesday, March 7th, at 5:00 pm. Penn Trafford started and ended strong, sweeping Forest Hills with a 3-0 victory. Shouout to Xtrencia33 from Penn Trafford for his stellar gameplay, as he ended the match with a score of 606 and 2.33 goals. A+ to Forest Hills for effort though, as we saw them never give up, even to the very end. From Forest Hills, we’d like to give a shoutout to Pupgaming6, who stayed determined and positive throughout the entire game, ending with a great score of 309.33 points. This was Penn Trafford’s first game of the season, leading to their 2nd place ranking on the school scoreboard with a score of 0-1.

The last match was also on Tuesday, March 7th, at 5:45 pm, between California and Richland. Coming back strong after a loss last week, California took the win against Richland High School with a score of 3-0. We witnessed an incredible performance by California’s Shady, who ended the game with a fantastic score of 857 and 4.33 goals. We also saw 1G_NQRKK from Richland putting in the work, as he ended with a score of 365.66. This win for California evened their overall score to 1-1, ranking them 3rd place on the leaderboard. Amazing job overall, division two players!!

Overall, great job to all our players for an amazing week, and I can’t wait to see how you all do in the upcoming week! If you haven’t watched their matches yet, be sure to check them out on the Esport Company’s Twitch channels! Catch you next time!

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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