Rocket League

Rocket League

Published on March 11, 2023

Imagine a soccer game. Now, instead of players, imagine cars. Rocket League. If you like soccer, cars, or video games in general, you truly can’t go wrong with Rocket League. Rocket League is a fantastical competitive game based on teamwork and collaboration. In this game, players work together, much like players on a soccer field, to advance the ball down the field into the opposing team’s net. Two teams go head-to-head in an intense five minute soccer match, where each team tries their best to score the most points. Due to the fast pace of the game, players must be able to react quickly, both mentally and manually, to obtain a victory. 

What makes Rocket League so special is the players themselves. Instead of your traditional players, the game features rocket-powered cars that race down the field. Gamers are allowed to choose and customize their cars to their own preferences before each game. These cars are also not your typical cars, as they even have special abilities. For instance, the cars are able to jump in mid-air to hit the ball. By driving over lit circles on the soccer fields during the game, cars even earn speed boosts. What is so special about these boosts? Players can use these boosts to hit the ball with great momentum, or run into opposing players’ cars. When they choose to ram into opposing players, they destroy the opponent’s car, causing the opponent to respawn back on their starting side of the field. When combined with jumping, players can even use their boosts to fly. 

In Rocket League, perhaps the most important aspect is players’ positioning. Just like soccer, players must always be aware of where the ball is, as well as their own position and timing in relation to the ball. Rocket League is not a free-for-all where players all mindlessly go after the ball; instead, it is a highly strategic game in which players must coordinate their plan and positions for getting the ball from one side of the field to the next through cooperation and teamwork. Rocket League has found favor with critics around the world, winning numerous awards and remaining a favorite for gamers around the world. 

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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