Posted on March 11, 2023

An all-time favorite video game, you can never go wrong with Overwatch. Overwatch is a first-person shooter game set in a futuristic world in which two teams of five players each go head to head in brawls and combat. There are several different game modes, each mode having a different goal and purpose. For instance, one classic is an escort game, in which one team must try to escort the payload to its destination. In this game, the opposing team must do everything they can to halt the payload. Another game mode in a control map, in which players try to retain control of a control point. There is even a hybrid game mode, which consists of both escort and control point.

 So, how does the game actually work? Players each choose a character from a selection of 35 different characters. There are three different kinds of players, consisting of tank, dps, and healer. As their names imply, tanks are the heavy, frontline characters. Dps characters focus on attacking and getting kills. Healers focus on keeping the team in optimal health conditions. When a player dies, they respawn ten seconds later from a checkpoint. The goal of each match is to essentially kill the members of the other team. For escort, players can’t move the payload if players on the opposing team are on the payload. For control maps, players likewise can’t capture the point if opposing players are on the point. So, wiping out the other team in continuous fights is the best way to reach a team’s objective. Additionally, each character has its own unique moves and ults. Ults are special moves, different for each character, that charge over the duration of a match – the more damage dealt by a player, the faster their ult charges. In fact, one signature aspect of Overwatch is the combination of ults, where players strategically ult at the same time to do the greatest damage. 

With these aspects in mind, it is clear to see how strategic of a game Overwatch is. Players must capitalize upon their team’s strengths and account for their weaknesses. If the other team keeps killing off your healers, dps must focus not only on dealing damage but also on protecting their own healers. Overwatch has a total of 19 different maps, each map having its own unique aspects. Players must be completely familiar with the ins and outs of all the maps, utilizing them to their benefit. Certain characters work better on certain maps, for instance, and it is vital to possess this knowledge as a player. Furthermore, wins and losses are no small matter in Overwatch. Overwatch’s competitive ranking system ranks players based upon their wins and losses, so when it comes to competitive mode, every second counts. In fact, when it comes to Overwatch matches, each and every decision could decide the outcome of the match, hence the cruciality of players’ mechanical skills, flexibility, and game sense. 

Written by Regina Ann Nappo

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