Valorant Agent Spotlight – Chamber

The French Sentinel

Chamber is a fun addition to any team with interesting but powerful abilities that can turn the tides of any round whether it be a site retake, a flanking maneuver, or even simply a gun fight. As a sentinel his abilities are focused around supporting the team and anchoring down but that doesn’t discount him from fighting!

Basic Ability

Funnily enough, Chamber’s first basic ability is called “Trademark”. With his Trademark ability, he sets down what is best described as a proximity mine that when placed, scans the area for an enemy and when it detects one it doesn’t simply explode, instead they jump on the player, creates an explosion that doesn’t do damage but instead damages the terrain surrounding the enemy. Once the mine explodes and the AOE is activated destroying the ground, the enemy is subjected to an area that slows the walking speed on enemies by 50% which is huge if the enemy is say out in the open and doesn’t have enough time to duck into cover. That slowdown can absolutely change an enemy push to a paltry stumble and that is the best case scenario for Chamber, the worst case scenario is simply you are just given information of where an enemy was started which is still a fantastic ability to have.

The Trademark in place

Why buy a pistol when you can just spawn one?

Chamber’s other basic ability is a fun one called “Headhunter”. Headhunter is less an ability and more so just a pistol that you can spawn in once activated. Though I said it is a pistol, it is in reality a very heavy revolver that boasts a large amount of damage very similar to the Sheriff. The difference between this and the Sheriff however, is the cost, the Headhunter costs 150 credits per bullet with a maximum of 8 bullets compared to the Sheriff which costs 800 credits. It definitely has its uses as if it is an eco round and you just want the heavy hitter just in case something goes wrong or you can buy it and save it for whenever you find the best opportunity.

An all around look of the Headhunter

That Signature Look

It is time to kick back and rendezvous with Chamber with his signature ability “Rendezvous”. This ability allows Chamber to place two teleportation nodes on the ground. Once these are placed and Chamber is within range of one, he can activate the ability and zip on over to the other teleportation node. This ability is really useful for all the utility that it has, you can escape gunfights, start gunfights, flank an enemy, or just simply get to one side of the map from the other.

Chamber stunting on people next to his teleport node

Operator? I don’t even know her

Finally moving on to Chamber’s ultimate ability, “Tour De Force”. This ability is very similar to Headhunter in which it spawns in a gun that is akin to the Operator as in it boasts high damage that can one shot kill any agent with a body shot. The only difference is that when you kill someone with the Tour De Force, the body of the fallen drops an AOE that does exactly what Trademark does and slow down the enemies by %50. The Tour De Force is an absolute beast of a sniper rifle and with the added effect of the slow it is a force to be reckoned with.

The Tour De Force in its golden glory

Final Thoughts

Chamber is a fun and interesting character to play with a versatile move set that can be utilized by any player whether it be novice or pro. With his move set and a snazzy character design, Chamber is an agent that I think everyone can get behind.

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