Week 2 of Rocket League!

Welcome back everyone, it is week 2 of the High School Series and the games that we have this week were fantastic! it is the second week so all the cobwebs are gone, the teams are comfortable and ready for some serious ballgames. With that out of the way, let’s dive on in!

Berlin Vs. Gateway

To start off the day we had the match against Berlin and Gateway, and let me tell you, this was a very competitive game going on. Both teams had a good back and forth going on and all the players were quick to change from offense and defense at a moments notice in such a fluid manner that it was a sight to behold. After 4 games however, Gateway managed to come out on top of the series 3-1 but not without a challenge from Berlin.

Bishop Carrol Vs. Altoona

The following match had one heck of a performance to try and match and match it they did. We had Bishop Carrol Vs. Altoona CTC. After watching the matches from last week I had an idea of how each team plays and to me it could have gone either way but in the end it was Altoona CTC coming out on top 3-1 much like the first game. When looking at the game it was clear that Bishop Carrol has put in a lot of hard work to make a comeback from last weeks match and even though it wasn’t enough to secure a victory, there certainly was a lot of improvement.

Penn Trafford Vs. Westmont

In the first sweep of the day we have Penn Trafford Vs. Westmont. Last week, Westmont took a very hard loss from United and were hopeful to come back this week and bring it around but sadly that was not the case as Penn Trafford won the series 3-0 in an excellent display of skills. Westmont however was able to put up a much better fight than they did last week which it may not have led to a win but it shows that they have a lot of heart to try and comeback from the brink.

United Vs. Windber

Finally we reach the end of the day with a great match between United and Winder that ended in the closest game yet at 2-3 for United. This game was fantastic and easily the most entertaining to watch as both teams played their hearts out and both were fighting constantly neck and neck to take home the victory! In the end though United was able to clutch it all in an amazing game for the week!

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