Weekly Valorant Guide – Brimstone

Continuing on this week of agent guides for Valorant, we will be looking at the controlling American with a unique buff, Brimstone. Brimstone is an agent that is also about control and very similar to Astra in terms of abilities and having a good overview of the map. With the precursor out of the way, here we go!

Back to the Basics

Brimstone is a character all about control and it is very clear when you see his basic abilities: “Stim Beacon” and “Incendiary”. Before going into his gimmick of control, let’s go over his Stim ability which offers a unique buff called Rapid Fire. Brimstone, when he activates Stim Beacon, throws out a beacon in front of him and when it lands it creates an AOE that applies Rapid Fire. What does Rapid Fire do? Rapid Fire offers Brimstone and his teammates a buff of 10% speed increase for equip speed, reload speed, and recovery speed and a 15% buff for movement speed and firing rate. This ability is perfect for both sides of the field as it can offer a boost for people who are turtling down on the site defending while one offense it is great for initiating a push on to site and allowing people to zoom on in!

His other basic ability, Incendiary, adds into to what he does best and offers a form of immediate control on the area. The Incendiary ability has Brimstone equip a grenade launcher and launches a grenade that brings down fire and brimstone (see what I did there?) onto an area. The fire covers a large area that does damage over time and lasts for about 7s. This offers great control but isn’t very limiting as it allows you to see the area being blocked off unlike certain abilities that launch smokes and simply blocks a viewpoint which is useful in its own right.

The Signature Look

Speaking of smokes controlling the playing field, Brimstone also has smokes! His signature ability “Sky Smoke” grants the user access to a tactical map (similar to Astra’s projection) which allows Brimstone to call down multiple smoke grenades, blocking off large portions of the map.

The tactical map
The smokes in affect

Brimstone has the capability of shooting 3 smokes when using his signature ability and with the option to pinpoint exactly where the smoke originates from, it offers a high amount of utility and can be useful in just about any situation.

Ultimate Time

Finally, we reach Brimstone’s ultimate ability “Orbital Strike”. Now dear reader, if you are like me and have been playing video games for a long time, I think you can already tell where this is going. When activated, Brimstone pulls up his tactical map like the Sky Smoke, and launches a, and you guessed it, A GIANT LASER FROM OUTER SPACE. I can’t even begin to imagine the logistics and cost to run this thing let alone why Brimstone has it, but he just does. The Orbital Strike covers a large area where placed and does an exORBITant amount of damage, dealing 20 damage per tick and having 6 ticks per second.

By God, nothing can survive that.


Brimstone is a great controlling character with access to a tactical map, smokes, and a deadly laser from space. These all combine to make a tank of a character who not only can control but also buff his teammates, Brimstone is a frightening character to go up against and when in the hands of someone who can use him, his abilities are game changers.

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