Week 1 Recap

For this week of Rocket League games, we had a boat load of games to get through and they all were thrilled with thrills and skills coming from every team present! These games were played to best of 5 and with that, there is a lot of game to get through so hear we go!

Bishop Carrol Vs. Gateway

The first game of the week starting off the kick this off we have Bishop Carrol against Gateway and there could have been no better game to start the first week off! The skill that has been shown between these two teams have me envious (as do most of the teams if I am being perfectly honest) and I can only hope to one day have an inkling of the competitive spirit these teams have! The series ended in favor of Gateway winning 3-0

Penn Trafford Vs. Forest Hills

The second game of the week was another blazer of a game that I think is highly worth a re-watch by those who were not able to make it as there were so many moments that left me awestruck! The game went on to finish in favor of Forest Hills at 3-0 and the player that really stuck out to me the most was Pigb!

Winber Vs. Altoona CTC

Continuing the trends of sweeps, we have the 3rd match that took place between Winber and Altoona CTC. This match as mentioned ended in a 3-0 sweep for Altoona in what was a great match for them while it seems that Winber has the heart but they need to definitely tighten up their skills a bit!

United Vs. Westmont

Finally, the match to end the day was United Vs. Westmont, the 4th sweep of the day. The match started out and it was clear that it was not going to end well for Westmont, as the first game ended 12-0 which set a very dangerous precedent for the rest of the match. The rest of the game took a very similar track as the games progress in what finally ended in a 3-0 series in favor of United.

Missed the games and want to watch the VOD or want to catch them next week? You can tune in on the TEC twitch channel for D1 at https://www.twitch.tv/theesportcompany and D2 at https://www.twitch.tv/techighschoolgroup

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