Valorant Recap

Week 1 ranking in D1

Hello everyone, this week has been a great one here at TEC as the High School Series has started! As of right now we have a start up for both D1 and D2 in Valorant and trust me when I say, every game was as exciting as they possibly could be thanks in part to the players and their terrific skills that were showcased this week! Sadly, 2 of the schools were unable to play at their allotted time (Westmont Hilltop and Winder) and as such their games have been rescheduled for a later date. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Gateway Vs. Penn Trafford

The first game of the day was Gateway Vs. Penn Trafford which had the match ending 13-1 with Penn Trafford taking the victory. Both teams put up a valiant effort; Penn Trafford was absolutely dominant when it came to recoil control and picking their battles while Gateway worked really well and had some very interesting tactics all of which when combined led to some nail biter rounds!

Greater Altoona Vs. Forest Hills

The second game to take place was Greater Altoona against Forest Hills and this game ended in a more close score ending 6-13 in favor of Greater Altoona. This game was my personal favorite of the day as there was great skill and communication showcased by both teams but there were plenty of charming and funny moments as well, the one sticking out the most to me was on the final round as ztoty of Greater Altoona was able to come in clutch in a 1v3 with 2 spray downs through smoke to win them the game.

Holidaysburg Vs. Greater Johnstown

Finally to top off the D1 series of the week we have Holidaysburg against Greater Johnstown in a very fun and interesting match which ended 13-8 in favor of Holidaysburg. This match was all around a great one not only for the players but it was also a great match to watch as a viewer, there was a lot of skill being shown and some interesting tactics being used on both sides.

Division 2

Greater Altoona Vs. Ferndale

To end things off for this weeks recap we have Greater Altoona Vs. Ferndale which ended in the seasons first clean sweep of 13-0 in favor of Greater Altoona. Despite what you would think from the score both teams put in a lot of work in their match that was clear to everyone and anyone watching, it was a very intense match with a lot of great moments from the players. If this first match is anything to base the rest of the season off of then D2 is not a division to be slept on!

Missed the games and want to watch the VOD or want to catch them next week? You can tune in on the TEC twitch channel for D1 at and D2 at

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