Breach Character Guide

By: Timothy Chuhran

Continuing from last week, here is the second Valorant guide as I go down the list of agents alphabetically to give the readers out there a good grasp of the character and what they do. This week we are going to go over the character of Breach and his abilities! Breach is a very interesting character as his kit is built around using the environment to your advantage by having many of his abilities be seismic based, and able to fire through walls.

The Basics

Starting off, we are going to be looking at Breach’s basic abilities, his C and his Q. His C ability is a high damage Fusion Charge called “Aftershock”. This ability does a large amount of damage and to be used correctly, it involves aiming at a wall and launching the charge, having it travel through walls and expelling out the other side inflicting the damage.

What the Aftershock ability looks like when being shot through a wall and subsequentially exits on the other side.

His other basic ability, Flashpoint, is a play on the Aftershock skill as it works on the same principle of going through walls, but instead of causing a damaging blast it instead sets off a flashbang that blinds opponents on the other side of the wall. Both of these abilities are great for both pushing a site and entry denial when on defense.

What the Flashpoint looks like when being fired.

The Signature Look

Breach’s Signature ability, Fault Line, is a large AOE that starts on the player when you left click and the longer you hold it in the range and size expands, whenever you let go of LMB, you send out a seismic shock and everyone caught in the area is dazed for 3 seconds which is perfect for setting up a site rush while the opponents are stunned.

The Fault Line in effect while being charged, showing the range and width of the AOE.

Let Loose the Rolling Thunder

Finally, we take a look at Breach’s ultimate ability Rolling Thunder is very similar to Fault line in that it covers a large area and also stuns enemies, the Rolling Thunder, however, also has a knock up effect that can set plays up for your team even when you are on the other side of the map.

The Rolling Thunder ability laying waste in line.

Final Thoughts

Breach is a very fun and aggressive agent to add to any Valorant team, with all of his abilities being able to pass through walls there is no area on the map safe from Breach. The only downfall is the player has to be able to guess where to deploy the abilities to use them effectively and guessing is no simple game.

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