A Fresh Start

By: Timothy Chuhran

With the start of a brand new season for the High School Series starting today, I thought I would sit down with Bryan, the power pushing this season forward, and get his insights on the program as we start to begin this exciting season.

What does Bryan do?

When I had this article in mind I had a lot of questions to ask as I knew information on the face value of the league but when it comes to the in depth details I had a lot to learn. For the HSS (High School Series) Brian is the man with a plan and can set things in motion, “I oversee everything from the High School League, I mainly work with the high schools directly, work with the team managers and coaches to ensure that they have the players that they need, I also help them generate schedules and secure new jersey orders for their players.” Suffice to say, Bryan is the main cog running this well oiled machine and will lead to a smooth transition into the seasons start.

Trouble ahead

Although everything has been running smoothly for the HSS, not everything is as good behind the scenes but thankfully, Bryan has been there to set the course straight and do his best to make sure everything is perfect. When asked about the problems that the league was facing, Brian had this to say “Our website has been difficult… mainly because it is still a work in progress and we are figuring things out. Other than that though, the problems that we have been facing are nothing new to us and we have been dealing with them as per usual when it comes to things like communication and scheduling” So for the readers out there, hopefully your worries have been assuaged.

The Goals of the HSS

Besides hosting a league for up and coming competitive players, what else is intended for the HSS? What could the series hope to achieve in the long run? Bryan also had an answer to these pending questions. “Back when I was in high school almost everyone was all about the traditional sports and there really was no outlet for those who were not interested in traditional sports. I want to offer them that outlet that I was not given and hope to expand and include all the people who play video games. Not only that but there is such an expansive and growing future ahead in this field of competitive gaming and the growing of technology, this really gives them a chance to get a head start on things and hopefully leads to a good future.”

Final Notes

And with that, the interview with Bryan started coming to a close and hopefully the well of information that I tapped has been given unto the reader. Bryan left me with some hopeful words for the viewers as I asked if he had any final words to let you all know. “If you don’t know anything about what is going on or just want to learn more about the company and what we do I highly suggest you check out our live streams, if you are unsure if your students or kids should be competing or playing in these games just check it out because from a lot of testimonials that we have gotten in the past and are still getting show that these older generations are very skeptical of what is going on. Eventually they see though the atmosphere and how their students and kids are working together and communicating, it is just a whole new experience that we hope we get to show off.”

Be sure to check out the TEC live streams and watch the games as they happen, the streams are up on MTW every week with Valorant, Rocket League, and eventually Overwatch 2. You can check out the live streams at https://www.twitch.tv/theesportcompany

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