As per the words of famous journalist, Frank West, “I’ve covered wars you know?” and that is exactly what I did with the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta that started on September 24th and ended on the 26th.


The beta showcased the whole new playstyle that Infinity Ward is working on, and it is one heck of a gamechanger. There is a litany of changes that have been made which serves the purpose of trying to cut back on the fast pace of Call of Duty that we all know and make the game slower and more methodical like other FPS games such as R6 Siege and Valorant. There are quite a few changes that are noticed right away: a quicker TTK (Time To Kill), bigger maps, no slide cancel, and no reload cancel; these changes are definitely jarring to get used to but after a few games you slowly start to sink deeper and deeper into the gameplay and flow that you can find yourself easily lost in what it is you are doing.

New Additions

Asides from the way the game flows and how the pacing has changed, there have been other gameplay changes as well. The Modern Warfare series has finally added vehicles to the larger maps, and they are quite the gamechanger if you can use them right, I however did not get used to how they play but from what I have seen of my teammates and opponents, they can really cause some trouble. Another big change that they have added to the game is the way that the perk system works and how it changes throughout the game. Now you don’t start with 3 perks, you start with 4: 2 basic, 1 special, and 1 ultimate. Right away you start off with the 2 basic perks and you will always have them available to you. As time goes on in the match however, you will slowly make progress towards your other perks, they do take some time with the special perk taking around 5 minutes and the ultimate taking 8. There is a way to lessen this time however as for each kill you get, the time between perks lessens by 12.5 seconds. Those are two of the biggest changes to the game so far and there are other minor changes as well such as the weaponsmith being slightly different and the mounting and vaulting animations being changed.

Final Thoughts

From what the beta has showcased, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is shaping up to be a fun and beautiful game that has a lot to offer the players while still trying to maintain the charm of what made players flock to the series to begin with. I personally enjoyed the beta and am looking forward to the full release of the game but I can definitely see where some people might have gripes with the game. No matter what people say, a majority of Call of Duty players are not looking for a tactical and slow experience, many are looking forward to running and gunning, sliding into action, and getting killstreaks. With this new installment, the developers are looking to maintain that same feel but are trying to dial it back bit by bit to turn Call of Duty into a competitor with the other tactical FPS games on the market. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 launches on 9/28 on console and PC and is sure to bring players a lot of fun, until I am able to get my hand on a copy all I will have is the beta to base my opinions and thoughts off of and until then, I am looking forward to the future of the Modern Warfare series.

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