Tim’s Learning Corner

This is my first entry into the learning corner where I will be guiding you, the reader, through some of the intricacies of gaming whether it be a champion overview in Valorant, League of Legends, or Overwatch, strategies and techniques in an FPS, or just something random that I choose at my discretion.

First off I may as well start with the first game I mentioned and go with a champion overview on Valorant and to make it easy I’ll do these alphabetically and start with Astra. Astra is a very tactical and methodical hero to play as she is very unique in her abilities to control the map both offensively and defensively.

Starting off with her ultimate ability as I believe it to be one of the most unique in the game, when activated you gain the ability to astral project yourself above the map and get an overhead view of the entire map which you can then use any of your other abilities and pinpoint them anywhere on the map for later use. That itself is already game changing and powerful but wait till you hear what else it can do. Her secondary ability on her ultimate allows her to place two pins on the map and when used it activates a giant “wall” that blocks gunfire from going through (no spray and pray allowed!) and it also dampens audio as well.

Her Astral View
Astra’s Cosmic Divide

After her ultimate we can now dive into her other abilities, starting with her Q which is her Nova Pulse. The Nova Pulse, when activated, creates a small explosion after a few seconds of priming which hits players and causes a concussive effect.

The Nova Pulse upon detonation

Moving on in the list of abilities we have her E ability called Nebula. The Nebula ability is Astra’s version of a smoke grenade and she is able to place down multiple at one time, all it takes is a hover over them and an activation, boom you got a smoke grenade!

The Nebula in effect

Finally, we have Astra’s C ability which is her Gravity Well. As the name suggests, it is a well of gravitational power that draws in the enemy to the center point and once it ends it explodes inflicting the fragile condition on the enemy which makes you take double damage from all sources.

The Gravity well

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