Mini Golf Shenanigans!

By: Timothy Chuhran

On September 27th, the TEC staff once again convened for our weekly meeting to go over important information for the week but as soon as the meeting was over, everyone in the office came together for a friendly game of Walkabout Mini Golf played on the Meta Quest 2! After a nice afternoon in the office, we all decided to take a break and hop into the virtual world that the Quest offers to play through 9 holes. After a few minutes of confusion, the gameplay finally came through and we all enjoyed an hour of wacky antics, gorgeous graphics, and interesting hole designs.

Finally, after the dust settled and all the balls were sunk, we came out with one winner and variety of different scores. The one person to took home the coveted TEC Cup was Justin! Justin finished all 9 holes with below par performance and ending with a score of -3 (if you don’t understand golf, you better learn)

For sake of privacy, I was going to blur his face out, but the headset already does that thus making my job easier.

Don’t miss our weekly tournaments hosted in office! They are hosted on Tuesdays at 4:00 and are watchable via twitch at our twitch channel @TheEsportCompany – Twitch

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