Week 2 Division 3 and Division 4 

Michelle "BlackPanda" Ming

Michelle "BlackPanda" Ming

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Another week of Call of Duty for Division 3 and 4 happened on The Esport Company Twitch Channel

Let’s get right into what happened on the stream. 

– Division 4 | Indiana Warhawks vs Annandale Aviators
– Division 3 | Montclair Rams vs Frederick Colonials

Before we get into the matches that were played, I would like to talk about the casters. Breadinferno, a returning caster and a well known caster for Call of Duty for TEC, was ready to kick off the games last night. Breadinferno was joined by Rafino in the booth. Rafino, who usually casts Overwatch decided to test his knowledge and challenged himself to cast a Call of Duty stream. Together Breadinferno and Rafino did an amazing job casting over the matches and covering the Call of Duty Divisions 3 pre-game information.
Make sure to tune in to the stream early I have receive last week’s standings, match results, and the new upcoming schedules. 

Game 1 | Indiana Warhawks vs Annandale Aviators
Division 4

Map 1 of the Indiana Warhawks versus the Annandale Aviators. The Indiana Warhawks came into map one dropping bodies. As the Warhawks were playing Team Deathmatch, the Aviators got on the hill and got the early lead. However, that didn’t last long. The Aviators started to fall apart due to the way the Warhawks were playing. Veltuh and CJ helped secure the hill for the Warhawks while Reload and Dawaygo continued to get kills after kills against the Aviators. Veltuh had 2 minutes and 32 seconds on the hill, and CJ had 3 minutes and 30 seconds on the hill. The Indiana Warhawks won map 1 with the score being 250-52.

Map 2 of the series was Search and Destroy on the map Express. Same story here to start. Edw1n, a player on the Aviators D4 team, ended up defusing the bomb and giving the Aviators an early lead against the Warhawks. The Warhawks didn’t let the loss from round one get to them. Veltuh was the player to watch in this match. No one on the Aviators could stop Veltuh as he got heated up. Veltuh went on a 10 kill streak to lead the Warhawks to victory on map 2 against the Aviators. The score of map 2 was 6 – 1.

The series is now 2-0 with the Warhawks in the lead.

Map 3 was Control on the map Raid. Raid is a fan favorite across the Call of Duty community. Make sure you don’t blink while you are watching map 3 in this matchup. Some of the quickest control matches you will ever see happened during this matchup. Everyone on the Warhawks came into map 3 ready to dominate. The Warhawks ended up taking map 3 against the Aviators. 

What a matchup to watch in Division 4! The Warhawks showed the TEC community and their competition that they are here to compete and are here to win. They held nothing back in their match against the Aviators. The Warhawks are now 2-0 in Division 4, and the Aviators fall to 1-1 in Division 4. 

Game 2 | Montclair Rams vs Frederick Colonials
Division 3

The Esport Company kicked off the Call of Duty Division 3 matchup directly after the Division 4 matchup. In this matchup, the Montclair Rams took on the Frederick Colonials. Both teams are coming in this match at 0-1. Someone is going to leave this matchup with a win to add to their Season 4 record. 

Map 1 for this matchup was Apocalypse, a brand new map to my knowledge, and the teams will be playing Hardpoint on this map. The Rams came into this game holding nothing back against the Frederick Colonials. Shanetop, a player on the Montclair Rams, had 1 minute and 24 seconds on the hill before the Colonials even got a point. Squiddy, ConWall, and Yung, players on the Montclair Rams D3 team, showed Dizzle, Vxxnm, G1zm0, and BloodiustSayian on the Colonials that they are here to slay and rack up as many kills as they can. Shanetop ended the match with 3 minute and 32 seconds on the hill. The Rams take map 1 against the Colonials with a score of 250-57.

Map 2 was Search and Destroy on Raid. The Rams took the lead early against the Colonials. Montclair Rams player ConWall could not be stopped while he was in the swimming pool. It took the Colonials 4 rounds to finally get on the score board with a bomb detonation on bomb site B. Let’s fast forward to round 6. The Colonials start to heat up. G1zm0 stalled long enough to allow the bomb to be detonated on bomb site B again giving the Colonials the win for that round. Map 2 series count is now 4-2 with the Rams in the lead. Round 7 was very interesting as BloodlustSayian had to clutch the round for the Colonials. BloodlustSayian went into this round with 0 kills and 6 deaths. BloodlustSayian ended up getting a double kill and defusing the bomb at bomb site A taking the game into round 8 with the score now 4-3. The Montclair Rams had enough after losing 2 straight rounds and ended up winning Map 2 with the score of 6-3

With the series between the Montclair Rams and Frederick Colonials being 2-0, the Colonials really needed to step up and come in with a new game plan for Map 3.

Map 3 was Control on Checkmate. Unfortunately for the Colonials, ShaneTop and ConWall were not going to make it easy. ConWall went on a killing spree during the first two rounds of control. ConWall was on a 13 player kill streak before ending up getting stopped by G1zm0. After ConWall fell to G1zm0, Yung took his place. Yung started to rack up the kills one after another. The Rams ended up taking Map 3 against the Colonials with the score of 3-0

Another 3-0 series was written down in the history books. ShaneTop, Squiddy, ConWall, and Yung get the win for the week and the Rams D3 sit at 1-1 in the record books. Dizzle, Vxxnm, G1zm0, and BloodlustSayian fall short in the matchup and the Colonials D3 are now sitting at 0-2 in the record books.

Make sure to tune into the The Esport Company Twitch stream to watch the matchup unfold before your eyes. 

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