The Esport Company kicked of the first week of CoD Division 3 and Division 4 on their Twitch channel on May 17th, 2021

First weeks featured matchups for Call of Duty
– Division 4 | Altoona Steam versus the Johnstown Steel
– Division 3 | Youngstown Yetis versus the Greensburg Guardians. 

Game 1 | The Altoona Steam played the Greensburg Guardians
Division 4

Map 1 They were the first match to kick off week 1. It was a rocky start for the Steam to say the least. They were having trouble with filling the 4th and final spot on the roster. That didn’t seem to impact their gameplay. Map 1 for the matchup was hardpoint on raid. TheOGSloth had a breakout game going 24-1.
Yes, you read that correctly. TheOGSloth was on a 24 kill streak before getting killed for the first time. I think he was trying to go for the nuke.
Final score was 250-50 with the Steam taking map 1.

Map 2 The series was another dominant performance from the Altoona Steam. The Steam once again showed the viewers and community their skill and communication as a team in this Search and Destroy match on Raid. The Steam won map 2 with the score of 6-0

Map 3 of this series was Control on Raid. You heard that correctly. They played on Raid for 3 straight games. Unfortunately, the Johnstown Steel was unable to change the out come for game 3 of the series. The Altoona Steam won map 3 and took the series to 3-0 against the Johnstown Steel.

Game 2 | Youngstown Yetis vs Greensburg Guardians
Division 3

Map 1 was the Yetis versus Guardians Call of Duty D3 team was Harpoint on Garrison. The Yetis and the Guardians fought hard during this match. Exodist was the turning point of the Match. Exodist had 2:37 minutes on the hill alone. This allowed his teams to go around and rack up as many kills as they could get. The Youngstown Yetis take map 1 with the score of 250-133.

Map 2 was Search and Destroy on Checkmate. This is the match that the Yetis showed the viewers and the Greensburg Guardians their full potential and skill. The Greensburg Guardians took the first round of Search and Destroy. This didn’t stun or fluster the Yetis. The Yetis started experiencing connection issues in round 2. Sleazle, player on the Youngstown Yetis, disconnected in round 2, but was able to rejoin before the start of round 3. Round 5 was an exciting round to watch. JG ArchAngel, a player on the Greensburg Guardians Division 3 team, fell short defusing the bomb after eliminating Exodist. During round 6 of the match, the Yetis lost another player, Wrath. Sleazle and Exodist showed their emotions in rounds 5 and 6 by shooting bodies. The Youngstown Yetis ended up winning the map 6-1. 

Map 3 of the Yetis versus the Guardians match was Control on Checkmate. The Greensburg Guardians defense prevailed against the Younstown Yetis offence. The Youngstown Yetis decided to end the map 3 with an assasination of JG ArchAngle of the Guardians. The Yetis ended up taking 3 straight rounds against the Guardians to win the match. 

The Esport Company features matchups every day during the season.

Tune in to the Twitch Channel and Socials to stay up to date with the latest information surrounding the League and Company. 

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