What’s the first city that comes to mind when you think of Pennsylvania? Philadelphia? Pittsburgh? If The Esport Company (TEC) founder Seth Mason has anything to say about it, you’ll soon be saying Johnstown. 

Founded in Central PA, with additional teams in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland, TEC is leading the way into a new age of esports by expanding to new platforms, hosting Twitch streams, and thriving on YouTube and social media. TEC’s future is bright, but before we discuss where the company can go, let’s learn more about Seth Mason as a founder — and as a person.

Humble Beginnings

TEC started as a simple idea set forth by Seth — bring positive change to communities through esports. The struggles he faced in starting his own business venture are reflected in the teams and individuals that make up TEC. “All of our players are competing and winning and losing but they don’t quit,” Mason said. Leading the company now as Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Seth accredits his mental fortitude and wherewithal to some of his past experiences from other companies that he helped start. His first company, Seth’s Socks, taught him the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship and the lessons he took away would set up the foundations of TEC. When asked about some of these struggles, Mason said, “The mental challenge of it all as well and getting all the moving pieces together. There’s a lot of problems and issues that if you have a lot of things going on it is going to be hard starting a business by yourself.”

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Not only did Seth have his own strengths to rely on, but he also had the help of some strong peers to keep the company’s progress on track. Bryan Mikitko, the Vice President of Operations, has been there from the beginning with Seth. “He’s been that person there that I can rely on,” Mason said about his VP.. “Having a right-hand man like that — it’s night and day. You need a confident, trustworthy person. You couldn’t even name a better person than Bryan.”

TEC continues to grow its staff and player base, and has eyes for new opportunities within the esports scene in 2021. As the world slowly shifts back to some sense of normalcy, The Esport Company will be there to host high-level events and cement itself as a force in the esports industry.

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