“With every season we keep growing and refining the company to make the best experience for our players and students. Let’s take 2021 to the limit and crush our expectations.”
– Seth Mason, CMO The Esport Company

Education & Development

Esports Curriculum & Program
  • TEC Education
  • TEC High School Curriculum
  • After School Program
  • TEC College Curriculum & Scholarships
  • High School & College Program Management

Centralized Space

TEC Headquarters (HQ)
  • Where TEC community connects & thrives
  • Where opportunities become reality
  • Education Center, Community Space to host events, Media Center, Co-Working space
  • Located in Johnstown, PA

Esport Leagues

High School & Amateur Leagues
  • TEC High School League
  • TEC Amateur League
  • Meet Our Teams

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